From Columbia Biogas President, John McKinney, May 29, 2015:

“As of the end of this month, Columbia Biogas will no longer maintain the option to lease the property at 6849 NE Columbia Blvd for the construction and operation of an anaerobic digestion facility. We remain interested in the location and may reconsider the site at a later date. Columbia Biogas is exploring opportunities elsewhere in Oregon to develop capacity to convert commercial and industrial food waste into renewable energy. We appreciate the efforts of many individuals as we’ve worked on the Northeast Portland site. We continue to support the region’s goals to reduce waste and achieve long-term greenhouse gas emission reductions.”


Columbia Biogas is planning to construct an innovative biogas production facility that
will convert local food waste into renewable energy and organic-based fertilizer products. The facility will support the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area’s goals to reduce waste, increase the use of renewable energy and achieve long-term greenhouse gas emission reductions.


The region is a national leader in successful waste reduction programs. Over the past 20 years, the waste reduction rate has increased from 26% to 57%. Despite this achievement, many resources that can easily be recycled are not being recovered. Enough waste from this region is disposed of in landfills each year to fill a football field 100 stories high. Recycling food waste from businesses such as restaurants, grocery stores and food distributors offers the greatest opportunity for meeting recycling goals and it the region’s highest priority material for increased recovery.